Case Study: Successful use of ChatGPT in customer support

ChatGPT fires the imagination of many managers. One in six companies in Germany is planning to use AI for text generation. But we are still in a phase of experimentation, of individual trial and error. Officially, such AI applications are still rarely in use.

That could change soon: Earlier this year, we integrated ChatGPT into our own AI project for the first time. We developed a chatbot for the customer service of the kitchen manufacturer RATIONAL. To make the dialog as pleasant as possible, we integrated ChatGPT's API into our application. In this way, the "Chefbot" combines RATIONAL's expertise with the eloquence of the great language model.

In our free webinar, you can take a look behind the scenes of the project. We will explain how NLP applications basically work, what needs to be considered during development (e.g. data quality, data protection), where the use of ChatGPT makes sense - and where not.

Event date: 08 June 2023, 12:00 PM