Artificial Intelligence in Berlin

Pioneer and melting pot: As early as the mid-2000s companies from the AI-sector increasingly located their business in Berlin-Brandenburg. Among the 508 start-ups from the AI-field in Germany a total of 33% are based in Berlin-Brandenburg (AppliedAI, 2023). According to a study by the Technologiestiftung Berlin (2018) a total of 50-65 professors of different fields of application are carrying out research at numerous research facilities, colleges and universities.

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Given the multitude of initiatives and development plans at state level, Berlin is a hub for research institutions, universities and start-ups and further advances the development of advanced technologies. Many ideas are already launched from university and research projects and further developed. Labs, hubs and accelerator programs of established companies offer young founders their know-how, network and a platform for proto-typing. In return these companies receive input about new technologies and developments. In the study „Künstliche Intelligenz in Berlin und Brandenburg“ (Artificial Intelligence in Berlin and Brandenburg) of the Technologie Stiftung the multitude of developments, companies and start-ups as well as fields of application have been outlined for the first time.

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The growing importance of Berlin as a centre of artificial intelligence is not only noticeable in science. The region's economy is also benefiting from technological progress. The companies, 80 percent of which operate in the business-to-business sector, mainly develop expert and language assistance as well as chatbots. Besides trade, the entertainment sector and industry, the developments are mainly used in three areas of application:

Business Intelligence & Process management

With 36 per cent, innovations and services which analyse and improve internal processes account for the largest share. For example, knowledge-based expert and language systems automate busi­ness processes, making them more efficient and transparent. With the help of AI systems, market data is analysed and evaluated with a view to expected future developments. Other developments simplify personnel recruitment or help to implement marketing activities in a more targeted manner and to address customers better with data-protected analyses.

Health Intelligence

AI systems from Berlin are used not only to support the internal processes of hospitals, but also for operation planning, diagnostics and data analysis of specific clinical pictures. Apps on fitness and health are developed as well as chatbots which accompany patients during the healing process: from the diagnosis of the illness to the visit to the doctor.

Mobility and City Intelligence

A special focus of the Berlin AI companies is the development of driver assistance systems. Besides the core areas of autonomous driving, Berlin is also working on AI systems for road maps, apps for pedestrians and augmented reality systems for air traffic.

AI in Berlin

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