10 September 2019

The Futurium brings people in touch with the future.

Control a pen with the power of your mind, build your own mini-robot, create future worlds with virtual reality glasses or try out a 3D printer that prints with clay. After eight years of construction, the Futurium opened in the heart of Berlin on the 5thof September. The three-day opening was celebrated with the head of the Federal Chancellery, Prof. Dr. Helge Braun, Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek, ESA astronaut Dr. Alexander Gerst and sea ice physicist Dr. Stefanie Arndt, as well as all visitors.

The idea behind the Futurium, is to have a central place where everyone can actively deal with the questions of the future. How do we want to live? What are we going to eat? How are we going to move? And above all, what role does artificial intelligence play in this? The answer to these questions lies in our current actions, which in view of climate change and globalisation, is associated with fears for many.

Talking about the future goes hand in hand with talking about artificial intelligence, therefore it becomes the focus of an evening in the place where the future becomes tangible and debatable shortly after the opening. On the 10th of October, scientists will exchange views with the public about advantages and prejudices, that come along with machine learning.

The Futurium wants to engage its visitors with various offers and its own lab, in order to take away the feeling of powerlessness in terms of shaping the future, "[...] from exhibitions to workshops and debates to artistic projects and digital formats – we’ll give visitors impulses to deal with questions of the future. In all these formats, the participation of the of the public is important," says Dr. Stefan Brandt, Head of the Futurium.

More information about the AI event at the Futurium on the 10thof October: https://futurium.de/en/veranstaltung/kuenstliche-intelligenz-innen/kuenstliche-intelligenz-innen