Generative AI Dach 2024

Welcome to Generative AI DACH 2024 - the premier German-language conference exploring the groundbreaking potential of generative AI in the DACH region. The conference will address the following topics: EU AI Act, Data Protection and GDPR, Cross-Industry "Best User Cases", Trustworthy AI, Conversational AI, Hallucinations, Training Data and Modeling, Risk Management and Bias in Video and Image Generation, AI Software and Hardware.

Why should you attend Generative AI DACH 2024?

  • Overview of the latest EU AI Act regulations and how they impact your business;
  • Best use cases of generative AI in industries such as healthcare, pharma, finance, TelCo, public sector or retail;
  • GenAI strategy and roadmap: develop a tailored strategy for successively developing a value-added GenAI portfolio;
  • Risk Management: recognize the challenges associated with bias, privacy, and security, and discover methods to mitigate these risks to ensure ethical and responsible use of generative AI;
  • Video and Image Generation: explore approaches to detect and mitigate bias, promote fairness and inclusivity, and ensure that content generated by generative AI meets ethical standards;
  • Training Data and Modeling: discover innovative approaches to assembling diverse and representative datasets, optimizing models for better performance, and realizing the full potential of generative AI technology;
  • AI Hallucinations: Discover the factors that influence hallucinations, learn strategies to identify and mitigate them, and discover ways to ensure reliable, high-quality results.