BLISS AI Speaker Series 2024: Intelligent Flying Multi-Robot Systems by Prof. Wolfgang Hönig (TU Berlin)

We are excited to feature Prof. Wolfgang Hönig, from TU Berlin - Intelligent Multi-Robot Coordination Lab, who will present Intelligent Flying Multi-Robot Systems, lasting approximately 45 minutes. After the talk, seize the opportunity to connect with fellow AI enthusiasts to share ideas and questions while enjoying free drinks.

We are BLISS e.V., a student organisation in Berlin that connects like-minded individuals who share great interest and passion for the field of machine learning. This summer (2024), we will host an exciting speaker series on site in Berlin, featuring excellent researchers from DeepMind, DFKI, FU Berlin, Microsoft and TU Berlin.

TU Berlin, Room H1012

Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

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